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Omaid Bahar Group, with over a few decades of experience in both domestic as well as international business has now established a fruit processing factory in Kabul, Afghanistan. Omaid Bahar Fruit Processing Facility is the first and only factory of its kind in Afghanistan.

The factory is the state-of-the-art facility with the most modern fruit processing technology imported from Italy and Sweden. The factory operates to the highest international standards of hygiene and safety. As such it is one of handful factories in Afghanistan to have received ISO 22000 and HACCP certificates.


The establishment of Omaid Bahar Fruit Processing Facility is a great step towards the economic development of Afghanistan. The factory has created thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly. The factory has enabled Afghan farmers to earn a living from their produce that was once wasted. Due to lack of transportation infrastructure, rural farmers were unable to bring their produce to the market on time. The company provides logistical support to the farmers by providing its own fleet of transport vehicles to ship the produce from the farm to the factory.

Omaid Bahar supports the farmers in the other ways as well. The company conducts seminars and other training courses to update the knowledge and skills of the farmers. The company is also actively involved in the mechanization of agriculture in this country to increase and standardize Afghan agriculture products.

“Omaid Bahar has a vision to restore the agriculture sector in Afghanistan to its past glory”.


Omaid Bahar has a long-standing tradition of making a true difference in the communities we serve and those who produce our fruits. Omaid Bahar fruits partnerships involve grassroots projects that work closely with the small farmers and local farmers associations. The relation enables farmers to improve farming practices to produce higher quality fruits, more efficiently. By helping local farmers become professional business men and women. They gain knowledge to increase their income and improve their lives. Going one step further, we continue making a true difference in these communities by providing enhancements to their educational system and overall wellness.


Omaid Bahar processes more than 40000 tons of fruits annually, purchased from over 35000 farmers. The concentrate produced from the process fruits is used to produce high quality juice. The factory has the capacity to produce 70000 tons of juice annually.

Omaid Bahar has made a substantial investment in its infrastructure. The factory is equipped with all sorts of facilities necessary for smooth operations. Warehouses, cool storages facilities, and laboratories are design by international experts and operated by highly qualified professional staff. The company has invested heavily in its human resources. The company has employed over 300 employees to operate the factory efficiently and implemented contract farming for the first time in Afghanistan. The staff has gone through rigorous training to ensure that national and international standards such as Afghan Gap, HACCP, and ISO 22000 are met.


Omaid Bahar wants to develop thousands acres of lands in Kabul with fruit farms and define it as development criteria for other provinces.

Omaid Bahar will establish a dairy farm of thousand cows of high breed to increase milk products and high quality dairy products by promoting advanced livestock systems that will also provide employment for many Afghans.