New Juice Factory Advances Afgan Agriculture

With a sip of fresh juice squeezed from Afghanistan’s sweetpomegranates, the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestockinaugurated Kabul’s new state-of-the-art agribusiness facility onOctober 15, 2009.

Exporting Afgan Juice to Juicy markets

Afghanistan’s pomegranate juice is renowned for its flavor within thecountry, but its benefits have largely been unavailable in other countries.

A New Market for Mulberries Proves Prosperous for Farmers

Mirza Rahim has had mulberry trees on his land in Afghanis-tan’s Panjshir Valley for thirty years. This year, for the first time, he was able to sell his mulberries to a local juice producer.

Afghan Pomegranates Reach Europe

Consumers in Europe will soon be savoring the sweet taste of Af-ghanistan. The United Kingdom’s leading pomegranate juice com-pany, Pomegreat, recently agreed to a pioneering deal with Afghanistan’s first juice concentrate facility.

Afghan entrepreneur defies war tosqueeze out a juice empire

(Reuters) – From a gritty walled compound in a fringe of Kabulbetter known for bombs and violent demonstrations, MustafaSadiq is building a global empire on fruit, selling Afghan produceto the health-conscious in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.